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R & D Center

Topsee Electronic Technology Company, Ltd. is an independent research and development company which focuses in the field of video image processing technology. The company strives to be the best in providing advance solutions and innovations for remote video devices, high quality video processing products, and professional image processing services.


The company started as Shenzhen High Tech Enterprise and Software in 2007.  We again changed the business name to National High-Tech Enterprises in April of 2009 to reflect our capability in advance research.  We have been successful in producing our own intellectual property rights for building our own multi-screen remote video surveillance systems, decoder software, video server software and secure  management platform software. Using the same expertise, we were also able to develop other products such as secure visual alarm systems, attendance punch card systems, low illumination monitoring digital network camera systems, low bandwidth CDMA based network camera systems, distributed storage network camera systems, high speed broadband wireless cameras, megapixel high definition cameras and so on. Our advance systems and solutions are currently used by our domestic market in many industries such as retail shops, railway transportation, health and hospitals, schools and education and the general transportation traffic monitoring industry.


Our engineering teams are composed of individuals with experience in product development and have successfully implemented projects that required product development in video communications and image processing. Our business is also supported by a capable management and financial team, and an experienced marketing team  and trade professionals who are trained to address customer problems.


We provide emphasis on acquiring only the right talent and we invest a lot of money in training our personnel in all aspects of the business to make sure we provide only the best service. We are confident that our current organization and business support processes are more than capable to address your needs and provide you with a world class services and product support.


Full Turn-Key OEM/ODM Service

Our core competitive advantage in the area of OEM and ODM is that we have an in-house product development and manufacturing capability and a customized OEM/ODM service that will be customized to suit your production requirements. We are confident that our product development experience and manufacturing capability will satisfy your requirements.


In order to create a secure and trouble free communications with our OEM/ODM customers, we utilize standard virtual private networks (VPN), consisting of gateways, data encryption, network storage servers and other necessary appliances. This VPN ensures that there is always constant communications between our team and our customers in executing the different  processes like product design and planning activities. Over all, our objective is to make sure that the necessary tools are in place to make sure that the mass production of the device hardware (cases, drives, etc) and software (OS, software protocols, etc) and product service cycles meets the highest quality control standards required by our customers.


Embedded development platform and board OEM/ODM service.


We offer all kinds of embedded processor software and hardware development platforms and boards, all of which are designed to meet the standards for different industry applications and designs. Our embedded processor platforms can be programmed and  re-configured by our customers to perform the required functionalities without changing any hardware.


Our long years of experience in embedded processor board production and manufacturing includes:

1.       General OEM/ODM customization services

2.       Production of different sizes of platform boards

3.       Customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements, which include:

      board redundancy function

      adding or reducing interface function

      changing boot load

      developing and designing product service cycles.



Embedded software OEM/ODM service

Our products come with our own Operating System, Applications, Communication Protocols, Administrative Interfaces, Drive Programs, and Technical and Development Support  Services.


Others OEM/ODM services

If you want your product to be successful in the market, it has to be unique, relaible and stable. For this reason, our company is capable of providing you with:

1.       A reliable and stable platform

2.       Well designed power systems

3.       Customizable and multi-functional design

4.       Customization of the product casing colors and design patterns

5.       Embedding of Company Logo.