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Celebration of the 10th anniversary of tianshitong


Hi ~ it's the 10th anniversary of tianshitong. It's been a long way. It's been a lot of ups and downs. However, we've been holding on for ten years. Some of our partners have left, and new partners have been coming. Anyway, we're grateful. In this ten years, we're on our way again. We hope for the future, and we're always with you, Go ahead, me, you, US

We plant our wishes and lead us to realize you who are persistent

Thank you, Mr. Wen, for taking the helm

Thank you, Mr. Ling. Let's always show our swords

Thanks to Mr. Liang for his meticulous work, which makes us more precise

Thank you, Mr. Xu, for your preciseness

Thank you, Mr. He, for your hard work, and let's spread the world

Hi ~ brothers

Sing our passion

Sing our persistence

Sing our hope~

~It's a red barbecue~

As red and fiery as my tianshitong~

New decade

It's still us

Set sail together~