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Great changes in China in 2016: can't be ignored!

Just after the Spring Festival, I learned that great changes will take place in China in 2016. So let's take a step up position~

1、 It's impossible for house prices to rise, only to fall slowly
High house prices not only depress China's manufacturing and cultural industries, but also make them ill. Relying on real estate makes local governments do nothing and live by selling land. Real estate is not sustainable, and the good days for developers are over. House prices can't come down all of a sudden. If house prices drop to the end, most of the banks will go bankrupt and China's economy will die. It can only be said that the house price is slowly falling, and a period of several years is given. Or through the price rise, let the ticket become gross, let the real value of the house reduce.

2、 It's not easy for civil servants, and their jobs are no longer iron
The tide of layoffs is coming. Even if you stay in the system, it's not rich. However, this team is the foundation of the country's governance. This team is not attractive at all. How to govern the country?

Therefore, as long as we work hard, do not be greedy or occupy, civil servants who abide by the law are stable in the system, but they are not as attractive as before.

3、 It is normal for college students to lose their jobs after graduation, which has not changed for at least five years
The employment of college students is a difficult problem, which can not be solved in five years. Although the real estate industry has cooled down, the recovery of high-end manufacturing industry and the rise of cultural industry can not be solved in three or five years. Then, where can we find jobs for college students? Therefore, the difficulty of College Students' employment is a normal situation.

4、 The new era of entrepreneurship for all is coming, and small and micro enterprises are blooming everywhere
After 2016, with the cooling of real estate, there will be a wave of migrant workers returning home; so many college students also need jobs. How to deal with it? The existing posts are full of people and can only be rebuilt. The state will encourage entrepreneurship and the development of small and micro enterprises. Preferential policies and low approval threshold. In the future, the state will no longer mention the employment of college students, but the entrepreneurship of college students and the entrepreneurship of the whole people.

5、 The network makes some enterprises die and some enterprises live
China is no longer the age of the Internet, but the age of mobile Internet, with a mobile phone can read and receive information at any time. Everyone is a magazine and a newspaper.

It can be said that the traditional media industry has been hit by the Internet. All things that can be networked, if you don't operate through the Internet, you are doomed. Follow the footsteps of Ma Yun. Every industry you run can make good use of the Internet, and your life will be better every day. In ten years, if you don't do the Internet industry, you will die! If you find a way to make your industry internet, you will live! That's all.

7、 The Internet will be more free, but it can't break the bottom line
To be honest, in recent years, speech has been much more relaxed than before. It's impossible for such a large China, such a large number of Chinese officialdom and so many Chinese problems to be discovered and solved by the party's media alone, and the Internet just gives this opportunity. The Communist Party will never give up the free supervision team of Internet. There is no place without supervision, no time without supervision, no one without supervision.

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