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Which is more difficult to find, Mr / Mrs right or network monitoring product?

    With the development of Internet technology, our daily life is becoming more and more closely related to the Internet. The Internet plus makes almost all industries linked to the Internet. Traditional home appliance manufacturers have gradually evolved into providers of smart home products and solutions; the IT industry has also begun to share the market cake of engineering companies; and the emergence of real-time bus and electronic bus stop makes us no longer feel restless because of the long and hopeless waiting. With the rapid development of the Internet, how can video surveillance, the pioneer of security industry, which is closely related to the transmission mode and the network, leave the Internet behind and develop on its own? Therefore, there are a variety of network monitoring products with different prices in the current market. How to choose the products that are suitable for their own use and of good quality and low price has become a vast number of network monitoring products User friends think about it.

In the face of a wide range of network monitoring products with prices ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands, it is inevitable that people have selective barriers. Especially for a person who knows little about security, it is almost as difficult as choosing an MR / Mrs right. For carefully selected users, they should select products according to their own use scenarios. If the scenarios used by users have high requirements for product safety and substantiality, they need to select some products with high technology content, which are relatively expensive; if they are only used for daily monitoring of commercial supermarkets and buildings, they may not need to do too much in equipment selection. Therefore, only after making clear the scene you want to use, the characteristics of the scene monitoring and its requirements for the monitoring function, and then selecting the type according to your own budget, can you select the network monitoring products that are suitable for your own use and can meet your own needs.

Tianshitong, China's leading provider of network video monitoring solutions and products. Tianshitong has its own R & D and intellectual property rights for the development of network video monitoring products. It also closely cooperates with the industry's powerful upstream manufacturers to carry out extensive technical exchanges and cooperation. It has established a long-term and close strategic cooperation relationship with world-famous enterprises such as Ti, ADI, Sony, OVT and micron, and promoted the technical development of the global network video field. Through the continuous leading and innovation of technology, we try our best to provide advanced and close to customer demand complete production scheme of network video equipment for all brand video monitoring equipment manufacturers, and provide OEM / ODM video module for CCTV product manufacturers to switch to IP network video monitoring products.